Getting Involved! How to…

…follow the live presentations

Simply click on the Live Stream link at the top of the page and enjoy!

N.B. Viewing of the live feed via mobile devices and tablets is possible and seems to work well but maximising your computer and internet connection is recommended. Minimum requirements for viewing live feeds over YouTube are provided here

…ask question to speakers

Day delegates can ask questions in person (please wait for the microphone that will be handed over by a staff member).

Online delegates can post their questions on Twitter, writing to @RSNlive17 and/or using the hashtag #RSNlive17

N.B. Please bear in mind there may be some delay in-between when you submit your question and when it is displayed online. Therefore, we suggest posting them as soon as possible. If you still have questions after the talk has ended, please post them anyway as we will invite speakers to attend to them afterwards.

…view and comment posters

A number of e-posters  will be uploaded to by the afternoon of Monday 11 September. These poster submissions are designed to be interactive, as you can leave comments and questions  for the authors on the poster’s page and we have encouraged the authors to take the time to engage in discussions. Please do make the effort to have a read through the posters and to interact with the authors, either before, during or after the conference.

…ask about the conference/conference organisation

Please write or tweet your questions to @RSNlive17

General information can be found at RSNlive17_ProgrammeDetails_Bath.

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