2 thoughts on “MacLeod et. al, – Kick Off Time and Travel Affect Sleep Recovery Kinetics

  1. These are interesting findings and the magnitude of the differences is really stark. I guess this is part of a larger data set and it would be really interesting to see some other variables like time to bed, time to sleep onset and either quantitative or qualitative data regarding “quality”. The post-match sleep begs the question whether they have a night out after a game, which time of sleep onset might indicate.


    1. Thanks for your comments Keith, absolutely the data is part of a larger set! We measured sleep quantity through two means, 1 Actigraphy & 2 Subjective reporting. Quality of sleep was also assessed through Subjective ratings.
      Indeed there are quite a number of ‘social’ and ‘environmental’ factors that could be affecting the sleep profile and I guess this is one of the challenges in this area of investigation. All away games were clear of influence of nights out for sure due to travel arrangements.

      For us it was a really worthwhile applied project and helped to educate and plan for the player group.

      If your interested further we are keen to discuss, feel free to contact my colleague on simon.macleod@ulsterrugby.com


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